Hi 🙂 Welcome to FashnPolis! You’ve just arrived to the ONLY fashion community that, besides allowing fashionable people to share their looks and set trends, actually rewards you when you upload your looks. Sounds interesting? Want to know more?

Here is an 8-step FashnPolis guide:
1 – Sign up (if you’re a blogger, tick the box “I am a fashion blogger”)
2 – Upload a look (must be a real person on it)
3 – Tag the items you’re wearing to where to buy exact or similar item online (if you tag to amazon it gives you more credit)
4 – As what you’re doing is in fact advertising work for brands and as you’re using your image to show them, you’ll earn commission (the tags have to lead to specific item; the amount you earn depends on the quality of the tag and the number of tags)
5 – Once you reach the 5€ amount on your FashnPolis profile, you’ll have the option to cash it through Pay Pal or save it and get some more.
6 – If you’re a blogger, you can get other people to sign up to FashnPolis and they’ll indicate they’ve heard about it from you. That way you’ll get followers, Fashn points and also get the chance to be featured in the Bloggers’ feature here on FashnPolis.
7 – Enjoy and be Trendy 🙂

And please only upload photos of real people!


1. To give something back to the fashion community for their originality and inspiration – rewarding them for accurate photo tags
2. To bring fashion shopping to a whole new level
3. To make more people stylish

When our members upload pictures, they can tag the clothing items and provide links to buy it online. Once people click and buy those items, FashnPolis earns revenue, which is then paid back to the uploader.

When you upload your style photo, tag the clothes with a link to a shop where other people can buy the exact or similar item. This way you will be receiving cash into your FashnPolis account.
Make sure you give a link to the exact item, not just H&M general website!!!
If your link redirects to Amazon, you will be receiving more money.
After you accumulate at least 5 Euros, you can redeem them. We will send the money through PayPal to the email address you have provided.

That’s all???
We aim to be a social network of fashion fans – please provide your feedback of what can be done to improve it. At the moment you can comment on pictures, vote on them, also bookmark/favourite them for easy access later. You can also follow other people which makes them appear in your timeline (like in twitter). Also check out our blog – just click the link on the top right corner and like us on Facebook – click the icon on the bottom right corner.
The fun Fashn credits scheme is work in progress – watch out for that!

Welcome to Fashnpolis!:)