How to Use Ultrasonic Cleaner to Clean Jewelry

There are many types of ultrasonic cleaners, being categorized by its functions and usage. These cleaners come with the different shape, sizes and frequency, however, the basic working principle is actually same. One of these, sonic jewelry cleaner, works with its own chemical solution and frequency, which differentiates itself from others.

In most cases, just plain tap water is good enough to get jewelry pieces clean. However, there is always some dirty jewelry with stubborn stains and grimes. The tap water is hard to get rid of them completely. In this situation, you need to add some specific cleaning solution. The cleaning solution used for jewelry purpose is actually all soap or ammonia based. You have to make sure that the cleaning detergents used must be non-corrosive and nonabrasive, otherwise, your valuable jewelry pieces might be damaged during the cleaning circle process. The soap or ammonia based chemical solution can give the best protection, stripping off the dirty grimes but without any damaging stains left.

ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

On the other hand, the cleaning solution you add to water must be compatible with your jewelry, saying there is no chemical reaction to jewelry itself in the tank. For another, ultrasonic cleaning circle does not have to last for more than 3 to 5 minutes. The longer cleaning duration can also damage the jewelry and lose their sparklingness.

There is usually a plastic basket coming along with ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. It is removable and convenient to move jewelry pieces from place to place. One thing you have to remember is to avoid much amount of small jewelry pieces stacking together in the basket during the cleaning. In this situation, each jewelry piece could not get complete clean as there is no enough space around to allow the ultrasonic sound wave to reach in. If you really have a lot of jewelry to clean, you had better clean them up in different service circle. Try to layout jewelry pieces across the basket reasonably, so as to make sure each piece get professional treatment.

The working frequency of ultrasonic jewelry cleaner is 80Khz or more. The principle behind is actually the same as all other ultrasonic cleaners. The ultrasonic sound wave is propagated through the water and solution in the tank, then create tiny bubbles. These tiny bubbles collide with the surface of jewelry then imploded to release extreme power. The power released from thousands of tiny water bubbles’ implosion is actually strong enough to get rid of any of grimes and dirty on the jewelry. With the help of suitable chemical solution, most of the jewelry pieces can be resumed back to the fresh shiningness and sparklingness within a few minutes.

One more thing you have to pay attention is it is not all jewelry suitable for ultrasonic cleaning treatment. Some gemstones, pearl, diamond, sterling silver and gold jewelry are not candidates for ultrasonic cleaning. The valuable jewelry has the different chemical ingredient and might be soft on the surface. Ultrasonic cleaning might change its chemical composition and lose their natural shiningness. Instead, users can try manual work, using toothbrush, toothpaste, and home used vinegar to give delicate cleaning and care for each piece. These valuable fine jewelry might be high in price, so you had better clean them up with extra caution.

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