“Fashion is the Armor to survive the reality of everyday life” said Bill Cunningham. Just as the saying goes today’s fashion industry is one of the biggest industries with a 2% of the world’s GDP. 8 billion pieces of clothing are consumed every day. This industry is an ever-evolving industry with yesterday’s trends out of the closets tomorrow. Global clothing production has nearly doubled in the past 15 years with garments being worn much lesser and discarded quicker than ever before.


Celebrities have been a major fashion influence since decades. Some famous celebrities are known to have their very own fashion brands. Clothing and other apparels worn by these celebrities are sure to become famous and sell out immediately. One such example is the clothing worn by the British royalty. Anything that they wear sells out quickly and becomes a big success. Although many designer brands approach them from time to time, they most wear English brands to promote the local businesses.

duchess of cambridge

Apart from celebrity influenced fashion from media, there is also a global fashion week held every year at either of the fashion capitals in the world such as New York, Milan, Paris and London. The fashion week is a fashion industry event that showcases various latest collections of hundreds of fashion brands across the globe. They have two kinds of shows such as menswear and womenswear. Apart from clothes they also market other apparels such as shoes, hats, accessories, etc.               

lady gaga

Another major and prominent fashion event is the Met Gala which is a theme based event where celebrities promote a particular brand every year while dressing up to the given theme. It is organised by Vogue and several intended celebs walk the fundraising ramp every year. This highly spoken of event happens to be a prestige for celebrities to be called for attending and months of costume preparation goes into work. The event lasts for nearly five to six hours along with some celebrity performances.

aishwarya rai

Apart from clothing, one another apparel that drives the today’s world crazy is hats. More specifically, it’s the classic English hats worn by Britain and other European women for weddings and other ceremonies. There is a huge hat industry worth millions in Britain. All fashion enthusiasts always have a close eye on the hats worn especially by the royalty. These hats are each worth so much and are delicately made with all intricate and creative designs.

Catherine middleton

Just as women’s hats, men’s hat also is quite famous in the English society and has a lot of specialized designers. These are worn at all wedding ceremonies and military ceremonies. The hat culture is something that’s inseparable from the British culture and has spread across Europe quite fiercely. Almost all of the European countries now possess their very own hat designer brands and shops.

male model

Just like clothing and hats, footwear also plays a major role in one’s over all outlook. The significance of foot wears are traced back to the Roman period where Romans considered footwear and clothing as unmistakable signs of power and status in the society. In today’s world also footwear plays a major role in shaping the fashion industry from time to time. Major fashion programs such as the fashion week, Met-gala and even Cannes film festival has a lot of rules surrounding foot wears. There are close to half an million men and women footwear brands around the world.

footwear fashion

The next biggest part of today’s fashion industry is the bridal decor. The long flowing christian white gowns and the suits were firstly introduced in the Victorian era and has been followed ever since with minor alterations from time to time. The bridal fashion is also a significant contributor to the industry with $57 billion dollars and each country having its own customs.

christian wedding

India being a huge country of diverse culture from Kashmir to Kanyakumari has several different wedding customs contributing to several different bridal attires with each of it having its own workmanship feeding thousands of families annually.

tamil bride
Malaika as bride

Although the fashion industry provides so much employment and GDP globally every year, it has its own downsides.In the United Kingdom consumers have as much as $47 million unworn clothes in their closets. All the clothes that are purchased at a bargain price are typically used or stays in one’s wardrobe for 2.2 to 3.3 years and are then thrown away. For something that stays in our possession for such a small amount of time takes typically 40 years to decompose, thereby harming the environment severely. This $3 trillion dollar industry can be utilized more efficiently and carefully if and only if the clothes are recycled and reused.

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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Men's Essentials

Winter, Summer, or Autumn season of Fashion is always on. A band new decade is upon us people, We are here to get your closet ready with Men’s Essentials.

Starting with Basics

  1. Solid White T-shirt Pair it with a perfectly fitted black or blue washed pair of jeans or pull it off with chinos. This tops the list of Men’s essential fashion products. White T-shirt goes well with almost everything, as long as you understand the science of matching and pair dark with light colors.

2. The only denim shirt you’ll ever need– Denim shirts could be your go-to option on any occasion. The best thing about denim is you can rock it with almost any kind of outfit and it looks perfect. The only key to pulling off denim is fit. Baggy shirts are a BIG NO-NO.

Levi’s Blue washed Denim Shirt

3. The Foundation Navy Suit– It’s a well-known fact that every man alive looks better in a Navy Blue perfect fitting suit. It’s a must-have in your closet and takes your style to a whole new level. Pair this suit with tanned brown brogues, and you are ready to party.

4. The All-Purpose Hoodie– Hoodies are the must-have of winters, they are simple, sober, and always in fashion. Grey colored light hoodies when paired with any pair of jeans, completes your winter outfit on its own. Comfort is just a plus point for hoodies, go ahead and add this into your closet.


Cross-Body Bags

Keep your belongings safe and sound with a super stylish crossbody bag. Whether it be a messenger-style or something small and neat, these are a great way to secure your stuff and do it fashionably. If the strap is too long for your liking, tie a small knot in it, and you’ll have a unique addition to your collection. This is a great way to jazz up an outfit and is a practical way to do it.

cross body bags

Cuban Collar Shirts

Feel the summer breeze in a stylish Cuban collar shirt. With a distinctive collar and short sleeves, they’re an easy way to jazz up an outfit and make a real statement. You can choose to wear them with a bold print or keep it plain in a solid color. These shirts look extra cool in bright shades like yellow, blue or green. Complete the look with chinos and sunglasses, and you’ll be donning the summer sun in style.

Cuban collar shirt


The ’70s are back in a big way with these flares. With a thin upper leg and an exaggerated ankle, these trousers are sure to make an impact anywhere you go. Pair the pants with a slim-fitting shirt or turtleneck to emphasize the bell bottom, or keep it flowing with an oversized hoodie and T-shirt for a more casual feel. No matter how you style these, you’ll have the appearance of super long and oh-so-stylish pins.


Over the Knee Shorts

Achieve the ultimate casual feel in a pair of over the knee shorts These are a great way to keep yourself mostly covered but stay cool in the summer heat. Whether you rock these bottoms with a bold pattern or you keep it hot in a bright color, you can’t go wrong in these statement pieces. Complete this look with an open shirt and fresh kicks.

over the knee shorts

Oversized Blazers

Take it back to the ‘80s with an oversized blazer. Large and in charge, put a twist on the essential suit jacket by taking it up a few sizes. Whether it be a pinstripe or something one color, this is a great way to put a retro spin on a modern outfit without looking too formal. Choose a fit that’s slightly bigger than the regular fit or go all out with something massive. Pair it with a basic T-shirt or a funky button-down and jeans, and you’re going to be strutting down every street in style.

oversized blazer

Patchwork Prints

Make it loud and wear it proud – patchwork prints are back. From Versace-esque designs to plaid, this is something that looks great on everyone. Wear a shirt with cutouts of different styles and contrasting colors with a white T-shirt to make the whole outfit pop. Stand out even more with funky pants, or keep the top half the hero by pairing it with dark trousers for a classic feel. It’s an easy way to put a modern twist on traditional clothing, so why not give it a try?

patchwork prints

Fashion Outfits for Men


Are you a Man looking to pump up your style game, are you someone who likes to stay ahead of others when it comes to Fashion. Look no further and follow our summer essential guide to being summer-ready.

Summer Season isn’t complete without few essentials-

  1. Perfect fitted Polo– As basic as it sounds, it still has the charm and summer wardrobe is incomplete without the solid fitted or colorfully patterned polo. Key to pulling off polo is it should you like its made for you.
  2. Business casual summer outfit– For all the working in the corporate, your wardrobe can never be complete without a Casual blazer, paired with a perfect matching pair of unsaturated pants or dark washed pair of jeans. Now go out on those brunch meetings in style.
  3. Casual summer outfit- Its some basic summer fashion, be it a perfect fit cargo short, or the Henley’s solid T-shirt nothing goes wrong in keeping it sober and stylish.
  4. Party outfit- Summers are incomplete without those pool parties and live events so going to an, why not to bring your A-Game. Perfect fit denim can always make you the smartest person in the room when paired with black solid pair of jeans. The white solid shirt is a go-to outfit for an evening party in the summer, pair it with Khaki trousers, or with a pair of perfect fitting jeans.