Men's Essentials

Men’s Wardrobe Essentials

Winter, Summer, or Autumn season of Fashion is always on. A band new decade is upon us people, We are here to get your closet ready with Men’s Essentials.

Starting with Basics

  1. Solid White T-shirt Pair it with a perfectly fitted black or blue washed pair of jeans or pull it off with chinos. This tops the list of Men’s essential fashion products. White T-shirt goes well with almost everything, as long as you understand the science of matching and pair dark with light colors.

2. The only denim shirt you’ll ever need– Denim shirts could be your go-to option on any occasion. The best thing about denim is you can rock it with almost any kind of outfit and it looks perfect. The only key to pulling off denim is fit. Baggy shirts are a BIG NO-NO.

Levi’s Blue washed Denim Shirt

3. The Foundation Navy Suit– It’s a well-known fact that every man alive looks better in a Navy Blue perfect fitting suit. It’s a must-have in your closet and takes your style to a whole new level. Pair this suit with tanned brown brogues, and you are ready to party.

4. The All-Purpose Hoodie– Hoodies are the must-have of winters, they are simple, sober, and always in fashion. Grey colored light hoodies when paired with any pair of jeans, completes your winter outfit on its own. Comfort is just a plus point for hoodies, go ahead and add this into your closet.

10 thoughts on “Men’s Wardrobe Essentials”

  1. Blue denim shirt is very rightly explained. I can’t recall the time when I didn’t choose it over my other shirts even if I had to wear it again the other day! ( but obviously I didn’t wear it. I wore it on alternate days!😉)

  2. White t-shirt, everyone need in the summer . Denim shirt is the category where you invest your money with blind eyes and ohh blue colour in denim shirt is so clear and attractive . And hoodies are best for autumn !

  3. Yeaah man !! You explained it very well and I am going to try the navy blue suit with brown brogues ♥️


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