About Us



FashnPolis is the ONLY fashion community that, besides allowing fashionable people to share their looks and set trends, actually rewards you when you upload your looks.

Fashnpolis.com is Featuring Fashion Trends ,beauty tips, fashion news, and lifestyle guide celebrity trends, events and everything in between.

New era online fashion store meets a social network

FashnPolis has been created to take shopping for fashion experience to a new level. You can see stylish people uploading their photos and tagging where to buy the items they are wearing. If you like any of those tagged clothes or accessories – you can buy it. It is a pioneer social network for stylish people where we give back to the community. Uploaders get paid a commission if they tag the photos correctly. As a result we have been receiving very favourable feedback.


At Fashnpolis, we have two primary goals: First, we want to enable customers to buy one-of-a-kind merchandise that they can’t find anywhere else. Secondly, we want to help women tackle three major pain points of shopping