Lifestyle Photography: How It Brings More Conversions On Instagram

In recent days, Instagram evolved as an engaged social media network from just a photo sharing platform. Instagram shines as a perfect marketing tool to sell products, and develop a brand. Here, over 82% of Instagram users follow a brand or business, 65% of users showcase new products, and above 75% of fans conclude that some contents have motivated them to do action, according to the Instagram business.

It means superb sales grip, so there is no doubt that the platform brings business related features such as product stickers and tags to develop internal shopping, and also helps every business to succeed on the network.

Many will think they could hook audiences easily through over polished product images. But these days, only authentic content plays a role because they need to purchase from industries they feel trustworthy and transparent. So, capturing your products in various angels with attractive backgrounds doesn’t suit these days.

Then, lifestyle photography is the only way to bring the solution.

Lifestyle Photography

It’s not about your product snap, it is all about a type of customer who purchases the product that is to be sold. Though lifestyle photography showcases your product, it’s primary objective is to grab people in real life events.

In simple words, it’s all about bringing the stories beyond your products. Every user loves stories because people need to know or feel what they are receiving while using your wonderful products. For example, most grand brands such as Gap, Converse, and Nike bring out the lifestyle pictures on the platform. It’s not only for the big organizations, even if you run a small business, you could try with lifestyle photography on Instagram.

How Does It Work?

If you use lifestyle photography to promote or advertise your products, just showcase your product how it works to the social society. In that way, you are providing your customers with a hint on how they can use your product after purchasing it.

For instance, the most famous fashion label across the world, Ralph Lauran worked with an ad campaign with customized lifestyle video contents and photos to develop brand awareness and gain more ecommerce sales among millennials and Z generations.

And the company brings a strong combination of collection, carousel, and video ads in stories and feed, and the results in just two months were:

  • Views on the product page increased to 42% among the generation Z audience.
  • Online sales rate increased to 20% among the Millennial audience.
  • 8X ROI on online spend for ads.

And now, if you conclude that lifestyle photography matters for your marketing strategy on the platform, then follow the tips why this lifestyle photography helps you a lot in bringing more conversions on Instagram.

Grab Attention And Get User Engagement

Nothing matters about your business niche and size, it is crucial to gain more engagements on social media. According to the study, user engagement levels up both order sizes from 10% to 80% and cross-sell by 25%. There is no need for maths help to know that user engagement brings your revenue. If your content engages more followers, there is a high chance for purchasing it, and suggests your brand or business to family and friends.

The Dutch watch company Cluse clearly gets how the pattern works. Though many love animals, the company introduces a UGC post featuring a puppy of French Bulldog. As a result, this post’s content gains massive attention but unfortunately doesn’t drive any salesy. You will get placement of the product if you sharply notice the image. To grab more audience attention, the content gets more engagements and promotes the products in a trustable way.

Improve Customer Trust With Original Content

Originality is the primary key for the customer’s trust. If you produce authentic content, your customers trust you more and become loyal customers. You could bring a worthy look through lifestyle photography.

For instance, a famous brand on the platform uses the reels section to bring product trustability to their audience. Since stories disappear in 24 hours many choose the reel section for product promotion. They recorded product manufacturing styles in an attractive way and uploaded to the Instagram reels in order to gain more audience trustability. As a result, the content acquired authentic engagement rates with more Instagram reels likes in a short time and delivered its reach to the maximum audience.

Make Emotional Connection With Fans

A famous Instagram user said, people are not purchasing services and goods. They purchase stories, magic, and relations. Many believe that most of the purchases are affected by emotional factors. So, creating emotional connection with fans is the must process for every marketer. Naturally, lifestyle images give an emotional touch so many industries use it to maintain emotions.

There are some basic emotions that you could try out while recording your edible product images:

  • Sadness
  • Anger
  • Empathy
  • Fear
  • Happiness

Full Focus On Lifestyle Selling

It’s a truth that the customers won’t care about your product or brand until it provides a solution to their problems. So, marketers need to focus on lifestyle selling more than the products. 

For instance, the GAP kids sells kids materials, and its primary objective is to reach the millennial moms. And marketing over a broad demographic could be daunting. But the industry knows what they really need, most moms like the maternal lifestyle, so the industry highlights these points on the platform.

These GAP posts bring more emotional activity and most fans purchase the products even if the post doesn’t promote a product. It’s a winning technique for marketers bringing success using lifestyle selling.

Say About Product Features

Nothing matters how great your product is, no one needs it until it solves their issues. Most audience research about the products before purchasing it whether the product is solving the problem or not. So, every industry should understand the customer’s pain and also how to bring solutions for their issues.

Thus, it’s not the features or any benefits of your new product. You could use the magnificent technique using lifestyle photography. For instance, a young yoga athlete uses lifestyle pictures to describe the product features without uttering a word. This content has got a magnificent amount of reels views on Instagram with massive reach over the platform within a short period. 

Last Words

In this human period, customers look to grab an emotional factor with the businesses or brands they choose and love. It clearly shows that the over-polished attractive won’t bring you more conversions, and brands want to try out different ways to bring their products in a trustable way. In this way, lifestyle photography reaches its popularity. For various reasons, these are the satisfied ways to grab customers, engage your fans, and do more conversions on the platform. 

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Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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