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Short hairstyles for women

When it comes to girls’ hair we are too possessive about our hair because hair makes a big difference in our look. Some girls like long hair and some short and short hair is an easy way to maintain your hair and have a fuss free life. Neither there’s the burden of regular salon visits nor need you to use a lot of styling products. You just have to set them up with your fingers and you’re good to go short hair also does not take your time so if you’re working women or you have a busy life then you should have a short hairstyle because it looks cool too. So with a short hairstyle you’re always ready to go anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is keep your scalp clean, eat healthy and protect your hair from pollution, the sun, and you have shiny, glossy hair for every occasion. So i am going to share with you some awesome short hairstyle which is absolutely going to look amazing on you. And now when you have decided to have a short haircut then read the whole article and choose the one you like the most.   


Short-Bob haircut

If a girl would think about a short haircut, the first haircut that comes to her mind is a Short-Bob haircut. And if you’re the lucky girl who has good volume in your hair you should definitely try this haircut, you’re going to look amazing in this hairstyle. It’s simple, elegant, and most-importantly pretty easy to do, and amplifies every look that you dream of carrying. Now after having the Short-Bob haircut you can style them in different ways like-

  • With the help of iron you can give your hair a straight look. straight hair gives you the simple professional look.
  • You can also curl them. A curly hairstyle gives you a funky look. So if you’re going for the party you can go with a curly hairstyle.
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Scintillating pixie bob hairstyle

So many girls have tried this hair style and also share their experience on social media. So if you get a scintillating pixie bob hairstyle, you would be ready to rock every outfit. This fun hairstyle is ideal for those who are always on the go and love to have fuss free life. What all you need is setting them up with serum, gel or any product you use to set up your hair and gently brush them and you’re always ready with your hairstyle. It takes only 3- minutes. Use this steps- 

  • Wash and dry your hair 
  • Comb your hair from the crown area, backwards.
  • Now take some setting serum on your hand and gently apply on your head in the same manner as you combed in the previous step.
  • Use a wide comb then brush your hair and you’re done.
alt=''Scintillating pixie bob hairstyle''

Pixie with long bang

This hairstyle will give the funky look you’re going to look as good as you have thought before getting this hair cut.This is especially flattering on those with finer hair types, as it draws attention to the hair density in the front. And now how to carry them- 

  • With help of gel you can simply set them.
  • To give your hair shine look you can also use hair serum.
alt=''Pixie with long bang''

Classic pixie

Well this hairstyle is for those girls whose hair volume is not so good. So you can try a Classic pixie haircut. This gives you a very simple and bold look and this hairstyle is very easy to maintain even if you don’t have a comb. ”I am just joking” of course you do have comb but seriously you don’t have to use a comb for this hairstyle you can set them with the help of your fingers. Steps to set-up hairstyle-

  • Take gel and gently with the help of your finger set them the way you want.
  • You can set your hair in any direction that looks good on you.
alt=''Classic pixie''

Edgy Pixie

Wear this Edgy pixie, and feel proud displaying your real short haircut style. It’s just one of those hairstyles which make you feel free from the fear of how I look. Anyone can pull it off choppy edgy pixie to give this look an element of modern cool. And take yourself so far from the old and simple hairstyle world. The length of the short sexy haircut is pretty much the same all over and is styled with a lot of texture. Now want to know how to style-

  • Apply a styling product to damp hair. 
  • Blow dry the hair with a styling brush.  
  • Use flat iron.
  • For adding extra shin use your favorite product.  
alt=''Edgy Pixie''

Wavy Pixie

So many girls with naturally curly hair so if you’re the one turn to pixie cuts to rid their hair of extra weight and to lessen drying time. Style baby hairs to add some glam to the look. Be mindful that to maintain its  shape regular trim is must.   

alt=''Wavy Pixie''


Flaunt your hair texture and embellish it with a lovely undercut. When styling it, use a diffuser to enhance the cut. undercut -pompadour combo ups the ante and gives the classic style a modern twist. relatively low-maintenance and easy to style.



This modern short shag is perfect for thick hair that has some natural wave. Oif highlights are your thing, they will definitely add extra dimension with this style. It’s also the best style to add emphasis to fresh highlights. In total, it’s a short shag hairstyle that gives a bolder edge.  


Straight Lob

Straight lob are for women with all hair types and texture, create inspiration with this straight lob. Keep the bangs the same length as the rest of the hair for a sleeker look, or tuck one side behind the ear to add a playful element. 

alt=''Straight Lob''

Sassy, Shaggy Bob

Show your natural look with a sassy, shaggy bob haircut. This haircut can be achieved on straight, wvy, or curly hair , and also on various lengths from short to medium. How to style here are some tips-

  • Apply a styling product to damp hair.
  • Give the hair a deep side part using a comb. 
  • Blow dry the hair using a stylish brush. 
  • Smooth section of hair using a flat iron. 
alt=''Sassy, Shaggy Bob''

Short , Subtle layered cut

Layers are ideal for keeping thick hair maintained. You can get this hairstyle the way you want. If you want long layers ask your hairdresser for the look you want in a layered cut, with some shaping around the face. The layer will create a full-bodies look and add volume to your hair. To style-

  • Use a large round brush and sweep hair to the side for extra dimension.
  • You can give your layers a funky look with pins.
alt=''Short , Subtle layered cut''

Layered curly hair

Curly hair gives you a different look from other hairstyles and if you like too curly hair then why not be brave and go the chop? A cropped curly hairstyle can appear seriously stylish and is entirely practical thanks to its limited length and manageability. Additionally, short strands are easy to style and surprisingly versatile, and as such, are an option that all curly haired ladies should consider. Layered curly hair is the best curly hairstyle.

  • To style , work some moose into damp hair and blow dry with a diffuser this will control frizz.
alt=''Layered curly hair''

Tips for healthy hair 

Now when you have decided to get a short haircut you should not go randomly with your hair. Give them extra attention and take care of them. This is important because you won’t then they are not going to give you the best look you want so if you want them to look good you have to take care of them. Well what you can do to keep your hair healthy don’t worry there are some tips which will definitely help you.

  • Do oiling to your hairs two times in a week 
  • Always rinse your hair after washing in a blast of cold water for extra shine. 
  •  Always use a conditioner after using shampoo. 
  • Take vitamin D from the sun. 
  • Drink milk, milk gives extra shine to your hair and keeps your hair healthy.
  • Don’t over use heat on your hair. 
  • Don’t color them and if you like coloring your hair try to use chemical free hair color.

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