What is the Need of Hair Transplant?
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What is the Need of Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical method to remove bald spots or thinning areas on the scalp. It is recognized as a hair loss treatment or hair restoration method for those experiencing excessive hair loss. Hair transplant surgeons take parts of the skin containing healthy hair and move them to the hairless part of the scalp. It heals and continues to grow hair without any complications.

  Why is hair transplant done?

Hair loss is usually a symptom of aging, but the scalp may get affected due to certain medical conditions, and the hair fall gets excessive. If this happens due to trauma or allergy, the hair fall tends to continue. Temporary hair loss grows back, but if it is permanent, hair transplants can cure it. Alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease that attacks hair follicles, causing the hair to fall excessively. Androgenic alopecia, hormonal imbalances, traumatic injuries, or burns are also some of the causes of hair loss. Hair transplant is a standard solution to these.

  What are the types of hair transplant surgery?

There are four major types of hair transplant surgery.


Grafting is the most common type of hair transplant surgery, where pieces from the scalp containing healthy hair are cut and transplanted to the bald site.

  Scalp Reduction

Scalp Reduction, also known as alopecia reduction, is done by removing the area of bald skin from the scalp and when nearby skin containing hair is statue over it.

  Flap Surgery

This surgery is done over large bald areas in front of the scalp. It is done under general anesthesia.

  Tissue Expansion

This procedure requires more than two seatings, and it is done for baldness due to burns.

  Do hair transplants work?

There are multiple evidence that show that hair transplant works in 60 to 80% of cases of baldness. In addition, 80% of the transplanted hair fully grows back in less than three months, like regular hair.

However, it is also seen that hair transplants do not work for everyone. It is mainly so because hair transplants are done while removing healthy hair from one part of the body and sticking it to The bald patch. In cases of excessive baldness and hair thinning, the donor site or the healthy hair site is not present, hence no existing healthy hair. People who have lost hair as a side effect of chemotherapy cannot benefit from hair transplant surgeries.

If you are experiencing hair thinning and excessive hair loss due to medical conditions, you can find the best hair transplant clinic to solve your worries.

  What are hair transplant costs?

Hair transplant cost is much affordable but heavily relies on the extent of the procedure, the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, availability of surgeons, the experience of the surgeon, and the surgical techniques chosen. Cost for Hair transplant depends on the number of hair grafts to be transplanted, the number of sittings may vary from one to three.

  What are the side effects of hair transplant?

There is no medical side effect to hair transplant and no side effect that cannot be treated. Scarring is the most common side effect seen in any cosmetic procedure and cannot be avoided. However, some severe side effects can be infections, scalp pain, and itching or swelling in the scalp. In some cases, dizziness, chest pain, headache, sexual dysfunction, irregular heart rate, or irritated scalp can also happen.

  Final Words

If you find an experienced hair transplant surgeon, there are chances that minimal or no side effects may happen. The procedure is very common and you can find any certified professional in your vicinity at the most affordable charges. Before making any decision, always talk to your doctor and get experienced to get genuine advice.

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